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Theme: Discover the Latest R&D, Technical and Commercial Strategies Driving the Precision Medicine, Cell Therapy and I-O Developments in China

Cancer, as a global health issue, has been attracting increasing attention from scientists, medical professionals, as well as the general population. During the past several decades, many therapeutic approaches, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, have come into play for cancer treatment. Nonetheless, many of these treatments are not personalized according to the specific situation or genetic context of a particular patient. Nowadays, precision medicine opens a new era of cancer research with the hope to provide personalized treatment for different patients. 

In precision medicine, immuno-oncology therapies have revolutionized the standard of care for many types of cancer. China is quickly becoming a world leader in biopharma, with rapid build-out of gene and cell therapy production capacity and a robust pipeline of drugs in development. The emergence of these immunotherapies, along with policies made by the Chinese government to strengthen medical innovations and drug research and development (R&D), means that the immuno-oncology drug pipeline for oncology treatment will be further strengthened in China over the next 5 years. China is leading the way in data collection and analysis tools to understand human genetics and biology. Also, China leads is through the development of computational power and artificial intelligence programs to discover new drugs and treatments and deliver them to the right patients. Read more…

Snapshot of PMIO 2021

  • Frontiers of COVID-19 vaccine development
  • Prospect and outlook on clinical applications and commercialization of stem cells
  • Cell therapy industrialization and commercialization strategies
  • Cell and Gene therapy process development, quality control and GMP manufacturing
  • Multi-marker and immuno-oncology companion diagnostics
  • Genomics, big data and the next generation of targeted therapies
  • Small-Molecule Immuno-Oncology Therapy: Advances, Challenges and New Directions
  • Pharmacogenomics and its role in precision medicine
  • Assay Development for Emerging Single-Cell Platforms
  • Best practices in partnering with CROs for successful Companion Diagnostic development
  • Role of miRNAs in immune responses and immunotherapy in cancer
  • Nanobody Engineering: Toward next generation immunotherapies

Event Features

  • 500+ delegates from over 10 countries and regions
  • 100+ attending organizations from key market segments in precision medicine
  • 40+ eminent speakers from top academia, pharma, and hospitals
  • 70% on average attendees from primary market (hospitals, research institutes, biopharma etc)
  • 60%+ attendees at company decision making and director level
  • 2 conferences at 1 location with 4 focused streams
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